• Baltimore, Maryland Expo - July 2018

    Such a great time with some wonderful MD businesses!

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  • November 2017 Fall Expo Vendors

    Our Inaugural Event!

  • Drinks were served by
    Brittany' s Mobile Bartending Service

  • SILVER Sponsor

    Thank You

    Regina Bell

  • GOLD Sponsor

    / Author
    / Interior Decorator
    / Real Estate Agent
    ​/Founder and CEO of The Sarita Sells Foundation Inc.
  • BRONZE Sponsors

    We celebrate entrepreneurial women of color!

    Your favorite Paparazzi consultant!

    Inspiring and elevating the culture!

    For the community!

  • November 2017 Expo Sponsors

    We've got a top notch supportive team!

  • Featured Merchants

    We've got a top notch team!

    Bling Fashion and more!

    1st & only natural hair product exchange.

    Mobile Paint Parties & Beautiful Art!

    African Purses & Wallets!

    A Brand that Empowers all to be Great!

    Body Butter GLOW and more...

    "I Make Everything Beautiful"

  • Featured Bakers

    We've got the sweetest line up in town!

    Diary of a Cupcake


    Joining us from Brooklyn NY!

    Homemade Candy!

    Cheesecakes and more...

    Homemade Jam!

    Cake and more...

    " You drink it, we bake it"

  • Featured Chefs

    We've got a top notch line up!

    "Not your typical

    Egg Rolls"

    You must try their "Impossible Burger"

    A small tagline

    Eclectic Soul Fusion

    Featuring the Vegan Philly Cheesesteak!

    Lady Ness Catering

  • December 2017 Vendors

  • December 2017 Expo Sponsors

    We've got a top notch supportive team!

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